Everybody loves a bright white smile, and now it is easier than ever to achieve a beautiful smile with teeth whitening procedures. At Litchfield Dental, we are pleased to offer you a teeth whitening procedure called Zoom!®, a professional teeth whitening treatment that can whiten teeth by an average of eight shades in just one hour. Plus, Zoom!® is a pain-free process that is safe, simple, and relaxing!

How it Works

When you need immediate whitening results, professional teeth whitening by your dentist is your best choice.

  1. First, the dentist will examine your teeth and gums to make sure they are healthy.
  2. To prepare for your whitening procedure, your lips and gums will be covered with an isolation material to protect them during the treatment.
  3. Next, the Zoom!® whitening gel is applied and activated by the Zoom!® light source. 
  4. You will get 3-4 15-minute applications within one hour. When the treatment is complete, you will leave with a brighter, whiter smile!

At Home vs. In-Office Treatment

There are many whitening treatments available on the market that you can use at home. Some treatments damage your teeth, or produce moderate results at best. 

Professional teeth whitening performed by your dentist is superior because it is faster and safer than using a product from the drug store. Under the supervision of your dentist, the risks are minimized and the aesthetic benefits increase! The results of our teeth whitening procedures are dramatic and our treatments ensure a uniform, natural look. 

If you would like to improve your smile today, ask about our Zoom!® teeth whitening procedure and get ready to flash a beautiful smile! Please fill out the form on this page and we will contact you shortly, or call our office now for an appointment.