A crown is a synthetic cap, usually made of a material like porcelain, which is placed on top of the tooth. Sometimes when decay in the tooth has become advanced and large portions of the tooth have to be removed (such as in a root canal), a crown is used to restore the tooth’s function and appearance.

Crowns are also used to cover implants, attach bridges, extend the life of a cracked tooth or tooth with a filling. The can be used to cover discolored or stained teeth to restore natural appearance of your smile. 

To prepare the tooth for a crown, it must be shaved down to accommodate the crown. An impression is made of the tooth, which is sent to a special lab that makes the custom-designed crown. A temporary crown may be applied until the permanent crown is ready. Once the permanent crown arrives, the patient returns to have it fit, adjusted if needed, and cemented into place.


A bridge is a natural-looking dental appliance that can fill in a section of missing teeth. It attaches to the teeth on either side, which gives it its name. They are custom-made and blend in nicely with the rest of your teeth, therefore they are hardly noticeable. A bridge serves to restore the natural contour of the teeth and the proper bite relationship between upper and lower teeth.

There are several types of fixed bridges that cannot be removed. Some bridges are removable and can be cleaned by the patient, while other bridges must be removed by a dentist. Implant bridges are attached to an area below the gum tissue or bone, and these are very durable and long-lasting.

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