For those patients that have lost many or even all of their teeth, our custom-made dentures can transform their lives. Where they were once unable to enjoy their favorite foods or speak clearly due to missing teeth, dentures can give back the quality of life they may have been missing.

A denture can be either removable or permanent (supported by implants).  There are partial dentures for patients that have some remaining natural teeth, or complete dentures for those that have lost most or all of their teeth. The denture improves the ability to chew and speak, and it also provides support for facial muscles and prevent a sunken look to the cheeks and face. Dentures greatly enhance the facial appearance and smile.

How Are Dentures Made?

The process for getting dentures custom-made for you takes about a month. The dentist will do an initial examination and give you a diagnosis and treatment plan specifically designed for you. Next an impression is made and sent to the lab to make the dentures. You will then try the denture to ensure proper color, shape and fit. After any adjustments, the final denture is placed and we will teach you how to properly care for the device. 

New dentures may take some getting used to. The muscles of your tongue and cheek will learn how to hold the denture in place. As your mouth becomes accustomed to the dentures, any minor irritations will go away.

With proper care and any needed adjustments over time, your dentures can last many years. If you are missing some or many teeth, our expert dentists at Litchfield Dental Associates would love to fit you with custom-made dentures so you can eat and speak comfortably again! Fill out the form on this page and we will reach out to you shortly, or call us to make an appointment today.